Husband of Montebello Mayor Arrested

Husband of Montebello Mayor Arrested in Meth Sales Investigation

Ruben Guerrero was booked on suspicion of sales of methamphetamine and sale of narcotics near a school

By Toni GuinyardJonathan Lloyd and Rene Luna
|  Thursday, Oct 17, 2013  |  Updated 7:29 PM PDT

Patrick Healy

Deputies raided the home of Montebello Mayor Christina Cortez Thursday morning and arrested her husband on drug charges. The mayor spoke for the first time to NBC4’s sister station Telemundo52, asking the public to allow the investigation to “run its course.” Patrick Healy reports from Montebello for the NBC4 News at 5 and 6 p.m. on Oct. 17, 2013.


The husband of a Southern California mayor was arrested Thursday when Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies served warrants at two homes in connection with a narcotics investigation.

Detectives served search warrants at a home in the 1500 block of Los Angeles Avenue and another in the 1600 block of Los Angeles Avenue. Ruben Guerrero, 44, was arrested during the sheriff’s department operation.

He was booked on suspicion of sales of methamphetamine and sale of narcotics near a school, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Guerrero is the husband of Montebello Mayor Christina Cortez, who Thursday afternoon issued this statement:

“Let me thank everyone for their support today. Of course I am very disappointed and like everyone else, shocked about today’s events. I urge everyone to let this investigation take its course. As an elected official, as a mother and daughter, I have stood behind the education of knowing the dangers of drugs. Today’s events will not change that.”

Bond was set at $60,000. Details regarding a court appearance were not immediately available.

Aerial video showed deputies taking several items from the home. Guerrero, wearing a sweatshirt, was taken into custody and placed in the back seat of a sheriff’s department vehicle.

Neighbors reported several loud bangs early Thursdays when deputies began serving the warrants.

Authorities said no other arrests were made in connection with the investigation and none of the other residents have been implicated in the sale of narcotics.


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One response to “Husband of Montebello Mayor Arrested

  1. Really now?? Montebello residents will stand to have a mayor in the Familia?? Suddenly, Mejico isnt so bad.

    Many questions….

    1) I wonder what’s in the safe? More meth, money or evidence of bribery!
    2) In the video, she says she had no idea it was happening. Are you kidding??!! How can she run the City if she can’t manage her own home? RECALL!!! RECALL!!!
    3) I wonder who has she funded with drug money. Hmmm…..

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